Therapies for Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a disorder which cannot be treated though there are techniques and tips to keep the developmental abilities of the kids and adults to be responsive to the environment. You need to be well aware what Down syndrome is and what kind of gift works well with the kids with this disorder so as to not offend the sensibilities of the kid. Often the gifts need to be sensitive to the parents feeling too as it is they who have this child who is different than other kids.

The kids with Down syndrome have to be specifically geared to responds to the social fabric around them as well as be receptive to the needs of the social environment they are in. Down syndrome can affect the sensory movements of the kids or the motor movements of the kids.The motor movements are of two types namely the large motor movements and the fine motor movements. The large motor movements are of the legs and arms. There are special gifts for kids who are slow to have these movements. These toys can be given as gifts for the kids for example toys with sounds or toys with special gyms in it which will help develop the strength in arms and legs.

The sensory skills of the kids with Down syndrome are also very weak and the best gifts for kids with Down syndrome are to give them things which can develop these skills. These gifts include the blankets or special paying quilts with big patches of different colors and sizes as that will help develop the sense of color and sizes.

Another very special need of kids with down syndrome is need to have a companion they socialize with also they need to be told that they are sensitive and can be taken cares of. The need for emotional security is very foremost for them. Hence in the market place there are dolls which are made in cognizance of the above fact I have stated above regarding the need for emotional and social security.

So make sure to give an appropriate downs syndrome gift. Down Syndrome is a disorder which needs to handled with special care and also you need to make sure that the down syndrome kids do not get alienated from the society. The down syndrome gifts are your way of telling them that they are very part of the social fabric.

A child suffering from Down syndrome also has extremely loose ligaments. Their bones are not adequately supported and their joints remain too loose to allow normal mobility in later years. The early signs of lax ligaments are seen in children with splayed legs while lying down. Physiotherapy, with the correct exercises, is essential to rectify the muscular weakness present in children with Down syndrome. Incorrect treatment of these issues leads to further complication like locked knees, which develop to make up for the lack of strength in the lower legs. Such reactions are very harmful in the future.

With different types of studies, several ways of treating children with cerebral palsy have been found out. Music has been found to have one of the best effects on the children suffering from this disease. It has been noticed that for children suffering from this disease, music helps to induce an emotional response. Apart from this, the music also helps ensure that the body language of the children is enhanced. Besides, it can also influence the children to sing. This comes in extremely handy for the child. Usually a child with this disorder might have a problem in speech. However, listening to the same music on a regular basis helps enhance the skills of speech.

While autism seems to be a lifelong challenge, both adults and children can benefit heavily through proved interventions and therapies like the one provided by G Therapy. Using these therapeutic techniques, the troubling symptoms could be gradually reduces and the individual can increase upon his abilities and skills. Although it is best if the therapy is commenced earlier in life, the benefits could continue throughout irrespective of when they have been started.

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